One of our first assignments…

One of our first assignments is to come alongside Mark and Valerie Zechin in Slovakia.  The Zechins have been in the field for over 20 years.  They have a tremendous ministry to the Roma Gypsy population living in Slovakia.  Through evangelism and church planting they are raising up Roma pastors and churches. Valerie has founded the Jireh Center in Slovakia bringing hope, provision, education and services to Roma Gypsy children and their families. 

Mark and Valerie tell us that Roma Gypsy families are rejected by the majority population and often live in impoverished ghettos without basic services such as water, sewer and electricity. 

Their children attend segregated schools and adults face an unemployment rate of 95%. They desperately need God’s hope and an opportunity to experience the love and goodness of Father God.

We were able to minister in the Roma churches this past fall, and we felt a definite connection to this ministry.  We desire to help the Zechins with camps and events for young people as well as minister healing and deliverance in crusades and outreaches!

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