The International Christian School of Vienna

By Sandy Siratt

As an elementary school teacher for 14 years, I knew that education and children would be part of my call, OUR call on the mission field. Once we knew that God was calling us to Europe,  I applied for a teaching position in several Christian International schools throughout Europe.  I was offered a job at the International Christian School of Vienna, Austria!  With all my heart, I accepted the position, knowing that this was an open door to the nations!

Our family will be moving to Vienna, Austria this summer in July of 2020, and I will begin teaching in August!

The International Christian School of Vienna is a special place and definitely a God-ordained connection.

The school has a rich background. Vienna Christian School was founded in 1986 by missionaries coming to Austria. At that time, Vienna served as a staging ground for missionaries who were targeting communist bloc countries before the Iron Curtain fell. VCS was focused directly on educating the missionary community. All teachers and staff were also fully self-supporting missionaries themselves. 

In 1991, when the borders opened, most of the missionary community moved on into the Eastern Bloc countries. In 1995 the school board made the decision to change the vision of the school. The original vision of “meeting the needs of missionary families” was expanded to include the international community of Vienna. In 2010, Vienna Christian School changed its name to the International Christian School of Vienna to embrace the international community.

Throughout the interview process with ICSV I heard over and over again the strong missions focus of the school!  ICSV reaches diplomats, international business people, and families from countries all over the world. In fact, there are over 60 countries represented in the school today. The students come from many different religious backgrounds. The school’s dual purpose is to serve and support missionary students and to share the gospel with unbelieving students.

This rang true with my heart for both teaching and educating the whole child – intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.  

I would be able to use my gifts and experience for teaching and have the opportunity to minister to unbelievers.  The nations would literally be brought to my classroom!

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