The Legacy of Nations

By Josh Siratt

From 1980 to 2018, my father, Dr. Roger Siratt travelled the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all backgrounds, cultures, and languages.  Australia, Albania, Portugal, China, Poland, Italy, Mexico, and Honduras were among the hundreds of nations that called his heart to come. To come and proclaim the life-giving love and mercy of Jesus. Through his ministry, “Miracle Ministries International,” needs were met, lives were changed, bodies were healed, and many, many were saved.  

As a child and a young man, I had the great privilege and honor of travelling alongside him.  I witnessed first hand the miraculous, healing anointing of God. It did not matter the language we worshipped in or the location of the meeting, if people were gathered in the Name of Jesus, His presence ALWAYS came in and touched the hearts of men, women, and children. 

This was the best missions training and discipling I could possibly receive – to stand side by side with my dad and lay hands on the sick, lead people in song, and preach the Word of God, learning how to hear from God and minister with His heart.  I also witnessed the challenges and the faith it takes to overcome the enemy and receive the resources, open doors, and favor to fulfill an assignment.

My father moved to Heaven in December of 2018. I knew the mantle for nations had been passed to me, long before he moved home, but now I knew that it was time to answer the call that my family and I had been hearing for years.  The Lord spoke to us that we, the Siratt’s, are a missionary family.  That we would live overseas and minister on foreign soil.  We all know (even our teenage daughters) that we are called to this as a family. 

We began to pray and ask the Lord, what country?  What assignments do you have for us?  We want to continue the legacy of my Dad, Roger Siratt, and do ALL that you have called us to do! What is it that you have for us?

In His faithfulness, He answered our prayer!  My wife Sandy and I travelled to Central Europe this past fall on a mission trip to Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. While there, it was undeniable!  This is where God is calling us.  Not just one country, not just a region, but to the continent of Europe!

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