Getting ready!

Preparing and Expecting for HIS Glory in Europe!

By Sandy

We are preparing for a big move overseas. Until we were right in the middle of this type of preparation, we really didn’t know how much was involved!

Apartment in Vienna – check.

Airline tickets purchased – check.

Video created about our mission and sent out – check. (Thanks to our talented daughter, Sydney!)

So much still to do – check.

What we already knew, but in a new season learned once again, is that God is faithful. He orders our steps, gives us supernatural wisdom and strength, and even helps us with our emotions.

That is something I didn’t expect – the emotions that come with a move like this. Leaving friends and family is NOT easy, but when we felt the call of God, we said YES, and He comforts us like only He can with the ups and downs of such a big decision. He also gives us the peace to know that when we surrender something to Him, He is faithful to work miracles. God can turn the very thing that worried us or concerned us the most, into the biggest blessing. It’s all about trust.

Today, I meditated on Acts 17:28. In HIM, I move, and live, and have my being. That is my focus as things get busy and the list of things “to do” grows by the minute. I am living in Jesus. I am moving in Jesus. I am being in Jesus.

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